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Time Management – Key To A Successful Project Implementation

August 3, 2010

Time management is an essential part of the success of any enterprise. Time is the most limited of our resources and in many cases, the most expensive one as well. In managing and implementing a project the coordination of tasks with other people can be a very time consumming and sometimes very frustrating process.

It is our experience that there are certain key points to keep in mind whenever you have to interact with others to move the project forward:

1.- Analyze carefully if the task at hand requires a meeting. Many times, the exchange of a couple of emails is sufficient and it also leaves a clear paper trail on the definitions that were made

2.- If a meeting is required, an agenda and defined time for the meeting are a must. Long meetings with unclear objectives lead to a huge lack of effectiveness.

3.- Always be on time and demand of others to be likewise. This sounds obvious but it is amazing how many people don’t think about the impact of tardiness.

4.- Make sure that you only meet with the appropriate people. Sometimes bringing participants “just in case” leads to out of agenda topics, which translates in a waste of time. If there are topics that need to be addressed that are not part of the agenda, plan a different meeting! This is also an excelent point to evaluate if the agendas are been properly defined.

5.- Meet in a place where there is not going to be interruptions.

If you need to show your team players the cost of mis-managing activities, make a rough calculation of their salary/pay per hour. This will give you a shocking idea on the price for the lack of time management.

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  1. August 3, 2010 3:34 pm


    Great post! I especially like #2 – taking the time to create an agenda with time allotted to each topic makes such a difference and is well worth the effort! Looking forward to your next post!


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