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The trust factor in all aspects of business

September 10, 2010

 A few days ago I read somewhere about the importance of trust in any human relation. Initially, the sentence sounded directed to our personal relationships. However, this thought took me to examine the relationships we have had over the years with many of our customers, many turned into friends. Especially those relationships that have lasted over 10 years.

And I realized the importance of the combination of integrity with the capabilities to perform a job correctly and on time. This is what creates reliability for our customers, and what has made us in many instances, trusted advisors to their businesses more than just simple service providers.         

Regardless of the quality of the products represented by any firm in our business, we always seem to think that service is what makes our customers stay with us. “Service” is a very gray area. I am sure that anyone that has lost a customer could confirm that their level of “service” was, at the very least, acceptable.

Service does not seem to be enough anymore. Thinking about our current level of business in an economic environment where many of our competitors are in obvious trouble, I came to the conclusion that trust is what has kept us busy all this time. Our customers know that they can count on our promises of delivering a solution to a specific issue in a timely manner and within budget.  They also know that we want to maintain their trust, and this also entitles for us to leave “opportunities” on the table when we know we are not going to be able to deliver, even if this is in the detriment of our business (loss of revenue). This has also translated on a minimum amount of collections situations, as the best token of appreciation for a job well done is a timely payment for it.

So, to repeat a concept I learned a long time ago, trust is what really brings the much expected “win/win” part of a relationship with our customers and all other important parts of our professional and personal lives.

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