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Give it a chance.

October 16, 2012

How to buy the correct software for your company:  Have we given what we have a chance?

One common situation we encounter is a customer checking out other software options when they are not aware of the full capabilities of the application they currently own. Inherent in the investment required to implement a software solution is it’s usage for an extended period of time. This situation often means the people that were originally involved in the selection process, purchase, implementation and initial training may no longer be present. Another problem arises when those presently utilizing the application were trained by a second, third or fourth generation of users. In this situation much information is lost in the process and is typically reduced to the use of minimal features.

Another issue often faced is using software from smaller companies. Smaller companies often have difficulty keeping up with technology and changes in industry leading to software that is less than optimal.  Reputable publishers in contrast will typically keep up with the changes in technology as well as with the improvements and new requirements of a specific industry. This is the only way an application can remain competitive.

Another reason to move to a different application is the service and support that is provided. If the solution is either an in house development or an application proprietary of a small firm, there may not be a lot of room for improvement. However, large publishers are always highly motivated to keep customers, therefore they will do everything possible to address this kind of issues. Either provide support directly to end users or refer them to reputable companies that can provide high quality support.

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