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The Publisher

January 24, 2013

There are many reasons to research the publisher that writes the programs that are included in your software. Some parameters are:

–          History and size of publisher: it is important to do business with a well established publisher, as this kind of purchases are used within a company for at least 5 years (our customers’ average use is 10 years). The bigger the publisher is, the more resources it has to dedicate to the development of new features and keep up with the changes in the computer environment.

–          Scalability: many publishers offer different solutions for different size companies in different industries. It is important to make as sure as possible that the publisher can offer options based on the growth of your company or an eventual downsizing.

–          During these transitions, an established publisher usually offers very attractive advantages for current customers to use other options. Therefore, for example, if you use an ERP and later on you decide to bring your payroll in house, you can get very competitive pricing additionally to a product that easily interfaces with your current ERP.

–          Level of customer service: many of the larger firms require a yearly maintenance fee in order to support the development of new features and upgrades. This fee usually includes some kind of customer support directly provided by the publisher. It is important to research what the support service is and the quality of the service, in order to make sure that your publisher is always a resource for problem resolution.

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