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The internal procedures: an important support to the success of any automation

January 25, 2013

 I know I’ve mentioned this in other paragraphs, but this is a vital part of a successful implementation. One common expectation we find with many of our prospects/customers is that as soon as the new system is in place, all their operational and process pains will go away forever. This expectation is as realistic as thinking that placing a child in an excellent school will create an over-performer regardless of the guidance provided at home.

When a company regularly functions in a chaotic environment, with either poor procedures or even worse, no procedures at all, this chaotic environment will usually lead any kind of effort in that direction, including the implementation of a software solution.  Corporations that provide us with clear operational guidelines will normally have an easier path through the planning, testing and go live phases of an application implementation project.

An important point to note here is that the procedures are not always written somewhere, as we would all expect. Actually, we have met corporations with clear processing guidelines that either don’t have any written manuals or for who the written manuals are old and outdated. But through good leadership and clear objectives they have managed to organize themselves in such way that they can provide a clear set of steps on how things get accomplished internally, the results of these steps (usually in a measurable way) and in their interaction with external players.

Therefore, as a conclusion, we always recommend the key players in any of our prospect companies to take a good look into the organization itself and if necessary, to perform some house cleaning before bringing the additional layer of a new software solution.

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